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Our technology and innovation

ROIIVE's technology and innovation

began with a complete understanding of the camera.We provide solutions not only for systems and modules but also for smart vision. 
We are always with the customer's goals. 

Now, roiive!

CAKit provides demonstrable steps.

Beyond the concept of Starter Kit, we provide a camera image application environment that can shorten the mass production period and improve your detection performance.

Hello, cakit

Discovering technology

It is just the beginning.
If the times want it, we discover and advance. Give ROIIVE a hint. We can progress and grow together.

밤 거리

Start your application

We are first running and experiencing.
From viewing to sensing, maximize your video solutions with cameras and control technologies.

Next Generation Technologies?

We are small. So you can't take the lead in technology.
However, we use their technology and make products.
Not to maintain the current environment, but to progress.

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Recent News

They know us

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